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I carry all the names I'm given - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Fluidity is a characteristic of durability, the future, progressive thought and action, and thus that of identity.

I used to think I wanted to be a boy growing up. I chose male avatars when playing videogames and wore my hair short. Now I don’t know anymore. Though the societal debate around gender inclusivity has expanded, I still feel pressured to pick a label. Instead of choosing pronouns to identify with, I look for my reflection elsewhere. The internet is one of such places. This fluid and hybrid digital environment is full of unknown possibilities waiting to be discovered.

The online spaces we interact with are flexible and allow for unrecognizability. I’m drawn to spaces like these, with limitless image-production and endless tools for representation . By combining different narratives, image sources online and experimental approaches to sculpture and video, I attempt to visualize the fluidity of gender and online representation.

Noor Boiten (1999, Rotterdam) is a visual artist working with mixed-media video-installations whose practice involves topics like gender, digital culture and consumerism.