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Hyphae - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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With my work, I aim to sow seeds of awareness and appreciation for nature around us and the fact that we are part of it. I want to inspire people to wonder and contemplate the communication that takes place in nature.

An abundance of life is happening below the surface, which we cannot see or hear. Hyphae are the threads that make communication in nature possible. Together they form an underground fungal network: mycelium. In this multidisciplinary project, I try to connect and communicate with this network by bringing it to light. Through planting the publication, symbiosis is initiated.

My role as an artist is to reconnect our world within the overarching realm of nature. To me, there is no difference or boundary between us and nature. We are part of nature.

As a visual artist with a background in architecture, I often work interdisciplinary, creating sculptures and other spatial installations combined with another passion of mine, printmaking and bookbinding. Being an intuitive maker, my work is poetic and personal; I prefer to let it unfold organically, naturally and intrinsically.

– Nature is the bearer of the story –