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HOOR JE MIJ / DO YOU HEAR ME - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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As a photographer, I prefer to be among young people on their way to adulthood. We all have our roots from home that continue to influence us for the rest of our lives, yet we try to find our own way. That quest fascinates me.

As the youngest, I was born into a Christian family of 9 children, in a village beneath Rotterdam. While growing up, I noticed that there were a lot of scripted and unscripted rules. After puberty I moved to the city seeking more freedom. There, in this (initially) unknown and new environment, I began to think about who I wanted to become, detached from the world I knew. But at the same time, I occasionally longed for the familiarity of home.

For this project, I went back to the village of my childhood to research young people growing up within the confines of a (religious) community.

This resulted in a coming-of-age story about 21-year-old Marlies. She grew up in the same neighborhood as me and is trying to find her own way between religion, love, family and the village.