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Het leven lacht me toe - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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‘Through my documentaries, I explore the concept of home and delve into themes such as longing for love and affirmation. It is important for me to capture intimate and personal perspectives by approaching my subjects with empathy and forming deep connections.‘

‘Het Leven Lacht Me Toe’ (Life Smiles Upon Me) is a slice-of-life documentary that follows the extraordinary friendship between Fleur and Alysha, two girls living in a youth care institution in Tilburg. In a world where they don’t have a lot of certainties, they find solace and stability in each other’s presence. Their bond is so strong that it’s hard for them to imagine life apart from one another. However, an unexpected event puts their friendship to the test, raising the question of whether they can see themselves as individuals apart or if they will be drawn back together.

‘Het Leven Lacht Me Toe’ takes the viewer on an emotional journey and provides insights into the value of friendship and the resilience of young individuals trying to navigate a challenging environment. The film is an honest portrait that invites the audience to contemplate the meaning of connection and hope, even in the most difficult circumstances.