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Going back - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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I paint a picture of a landscape I’ve been to. During this painting process, I explore painting’s sculptural qualities. I do so through questioning the ‘rules’ of materials and techniques used in restoration and classical painting.

I remember being surrounded by a beautiful landscape when living in Norway. I felt at home
between the impressive mountains and its romantic views. When I paint them, I paint based on perception and memory to imagine myself back into those places.

I work with natural pigments, sometimes literal pieces of landscape I’ve taken with me, grinding them myself. I sew intentionally fragmented pieces of textile back together, repairing them while leaving see-through spaces in the canvas. I make my own frames, controlling their composition and therefore the shapes of the stretched canvas. I use and research materials and techniques
used in restoration and classical painting, which I’ve always been fascinated by. They have ‘rules’ to them, which I constantly question.

Here the hierarchy – the frame and canvas functioning as support for the paint – is gone. Here, a painting becomes spatial; front and back are visible in one glance. Here, I explore paintings sculptural qualities.