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Getijden Veranderen / Tides are Changing - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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With this project, I hope to make people reconsider the value of old and discarded objects and see repurposing in daily life as a real possibility.

The name of my project ”Tides are Changing” is, besides a nod to the ocean and its changing tides, a representation of the social aspect of my project. Times are changing and the ocean is warming up, nature is disappearing and gets flooded with garbage. But as the ocean so beautifully demonstrates, the tides can continue to change. Times are changing and people rise up together for nature, times are changing and the ocean is being cleaned, tides are changing and what could have been waste is no longer wasted but reused and valued again.
For my graduation project, I wanted to create a series with a theme that is important and valuable to me. As a surfer, my love for the ocean is immense and as a creator I am very passionate about the climate and reusing materials and objects so that they do not end up in the ocean.