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FRAGILE - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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‘An illustrator who loves to use different kinds of printing-techniques to catch the right atmosphere and feeling behind social topics like mental health, animal welfare and an inclusive society.’

‘F R A G I L E’ is an illustrated artist-book that exposes the way human beings tend to protect their emotions in different situations. It can feel safe and secure. But how does this protection effect ourselves and the people around us?

This riso-printed page-turner invites you to peel off different layers to come closer to these persons and find out what their true feelings are. It can be unfolded in various unique ways which will make you think about whether it really is that safe and secure to protect your inner self. We all have this inner and outer world and sometimes struggle to deal with our emotions. What would happen if we put down our walls and dare to be fragile?