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disconnect to reconnect - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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“Are you really here?”

The ubiquitous mobile phone comes not only with endless possibilities but also with the danger of addiction. Even though most of us know that less phone time would do us well, we fail to act on it. They can see you, but are you really here?

Starting from my own experience I reach back to a life without phones, the tranquillity of a phoneless past that is now lost. I searched for quotes of personal experiences left on the internet by users all over the world and combined these with childhood photographs. With these images I try to evoke people’s emotions and create resonance through nostalgia and a sense of recognition.

In a poetic yet powerful silence, I ask the viewer to stand still for a little while, and to reflect on their own phone usage and the impact of the phone on themselves and their lives.