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Deliver Me - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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The darkest hour is just before dawn; never lose hope

This story is about someone who is controlled by negative thoughts and emotions, languishing under the pressure of life and the seeming impossibility of getting out of this downward spiral by herself. It’s a feeling more and more people, especially young people, are becoming familiar with in this day and age.
However, hope is all you need to persevere, until you eventually do get out of this cycle of negative thinking, even through something that may seem like a miracle. There is beauty in adversity; sometimes the most frightening option is the one that will save you. The hardships you face are often the things that make you stronger. The hope that you will be delivered from the trials you face, is what will keep you going. I aspire to leave my audience with a feeling of hope, inspired by the many layers of symbolism woven through my story.