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Deemstering - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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In her installation "Deemstering" she shows the dance with her own transiency. She invites you to experience a fleeting moment unburdened by the factory clock.

Imagine rays of sunshine in your glass of wine creating mesmerising patterns on the table below. Ceramics, light, wood and textile create a peculiar setting in my installations. You are invited to step into my view of the world around us.

The pressures of the factory clock torments us and warps our perception of time.

In this hurried existence we lose parts that make us human. We forget to see the beautiful things surrounding us. Take this moment to slow down and appreciate those tiny details.

I firmly believe objects retain memories. By spending more time with the material I give objects their sentiment. Working with materials that take time to create enables you to pour parts of yourself into its creation.

Making them live on in different places long after you yourself are gone. The struggle with my own transiency and the fleeting of moments is something I process in my work.