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De Kleur van Afval - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Turning food waste into sustainable colour pigment that can be used to make ink.

As designers we are working a lot with colour. This can be digital but also in the form of ink. Colour and printing have almost become something normal. You press the print button, and a beautiful, coloured sheet comes out of the printer, but how the colours are made we are often not concerned with.

I want to go back to basics and show how special and beautiful colour can be and that it can also be natural.

By using material research, I created a natural alternative to synthetic inks to use in graphic workshops. This alternative is made from food waste. I designed a toolkit that contains the pigment as well as explanations on how to do it yourself, what it looks like and how to apply it. It also contains examples of different uses of the pigment and colour experiments.