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De Bloem op de Vulkaan - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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I am showing you a world, the likes of which only I can see

The documentary tells the story of Bojan Bajic, a Croatian man who fled the war of independence in his homeland twenty years ago. He now feels completely at home on Vlieland. When peoplef rom the village asked him why he is always so happy, he replied: “If you have been through war, all you need to be happy is freedom.” “Sometimes bad events are needed to get you where you need to be”. The film is about giving meaning to your life and the search for it. You can use your past as fuel, sometimes you have to cross a volcano to get to the flowers. At the moment, there is a great division in the world, which results in major differences of opinion. But right now, it’s more important than ever that we get along. If we as a society understood eachother better, we could achieve much more.