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De Bloeiende Herfst - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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As a director, I believe my work contributes to a world where women are treated and valued as equals. I envision a future where feminism is the norm and emancipation is achieved.

In this short film, we follow Mae and Nora’s journey as they pursue their dream of parenthood. However, their path takes an unexpected twist when tragedy befalls them just moments after their child’s birth, leaving Mae submerged in grief and isolation. It is in this vulnerable state that her grandmother inadvertently unveils a deeply concealed family secret.

This relatable societal narrative, often concealed across generations, unfolds through Mae’s perspective as a grieving mother. Through this portrayal, my intention is to empower women to openly express their grief. These are narratives that warrant sharing, open discussion, and serve as sources of growth and resilience.

Drawing from my personal experience of losing my sister shortly after birth, I have come to realize the liberating power of acknowledging and discussing such familial losses. Sadly, many women in my surroundings lack similar encounters or remain unaware of their significance.