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Continuous Construction - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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My art style might seem raw and slightly intimidating, but thats only surface level.

My artistic practice revolves around researching painting as a way of mapping the progress of personal development. Where do I still struggle but more importantly, what insights have I gained? Those experiences I incorporate in my paintings. They are big, fast, bold and raw, which is in massive contrast with the subjects of my artworks. Analyzing and working through barriers within myself, a process that is actually vulnerable and gentle. In my work you can find symbolism that indicates my journey to being the version of me that I desire. Painting is also a way to ground myself and a way to let go. Throwing out all the energy in the way a pubescent child might punch a wall. It’s completely fine if a person is struggling with obstacles in their life. I hope by sharing my experiences in a way I know best. It brings others the confidence to keep going on their journey.