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Commence - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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"Writes in painting what had never yet been painted, and turns it into painting once and for all." ~Paul Cézanne

I dream of battles, often between opposing tendencies within us symbolized by unknown armies. I can be aligned with one side or the other, if I don’t, I still find myself standing in the line of fire.

Striking figures with pointed hats, portraits of seemingly sorrowful individuals, or a fraction of passion in human interaction. In vibrant colors passion and adversity take form, while a clash between canvas and artist commences. Piece by piece a world grows, everything is connected as if each work speaks the same language.

A strictly composed landscape of lines and shapes forms the underlying structure of the painting. The fundaments seep through the top layer in a conquest to be seen, it changes the color and depth. In that way the above is as important as the below.