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CLUB 00 - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Step into the alcohol-free oasis of CLUB 00

In a world where alcohol consumption is the norm, CLUB 00 offers an alternative lifestyle. With CLUB 00, we fight against biases against, and give a face to a life without alcohol. We take health risks seriously and create awareness about the harm alcohol can cause. At CLUB 00 we don’t judge anyone’s choices, but rather encourage self-reflection. At a glance, our clothing line shows what you stand for. We prove that fun, social engagement and self-expression are also possible without alcohol. CLUB 00 challenges the status quo and offers new perspectives. Our goal is not only based on individuals, but also societal. We strive for recognition, understanding and acceptance of an alcohol-free life. An open dialogue and conscious choices are key. Whether you already live an alcohol-free life, are considering quitting or just curious, you are always welcome at CLUB 00. Discover a world full of possibilities where fun and health come together.