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Chasing - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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‘Chasing’ tells a story of success and self-discovery set against the backdrop of the vast and hauntingly beautiful American plains.

What is true success? Should our success be measured against the success of others or against a fixed societal ideal? Can we still be successful even if we are born in a body that diametrically opposes this ideal? When an elusive wind spirit wreaks havoc in a bleak prairie town, a solemn and goal-oriented saloon girl, overcompensating for her physical disabilities by trying to be a Western hero, sets out on the impossible journey to capture it. However, she and the wind spirit might have more in common than she initially suspects, making her reevaluate what success means to her.

‘Chasing’ is a concept for an animated short film set in the historical wild west of the USA. The projects main focus is on visual and story development. The full short will be released later this year!