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Charlie the Eczema Elephant - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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"Know that Charlie walks beside you on this journey, so you never have to face it alone."

My project is designed to help children with eczema, inspired by my personal experience with atopic eczema. My objective is to create a sense of acceptance and normalcy surrounding their condition. To achieve this, I have created a character called Charlie, an eczema-afflicted plush. Charlie is designed as an elephant because in dermatology eczema is referred to as elephant skin. Charlie is accompanied by a range of supportive accessories. These include: a scratching suit to deter excessive scratching, a plush ointment to familiarize smearing, a coloring postcard featuring Charlie to send to family or friends and a smear calendar for a consistent cream application routine.

My ultimate goal is to make the treatment process easier for children coping with eczema, providing them with a friend.