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Blauwdruk [Blueprint] - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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As a designer, I aspire to create innovative fashion designs for all humans, no matter what body type or gender they have. I hope to further expand my designs in the future, connecting creative wearers from all around.

This project emerged from my frustrations with clothing. It’s frustrating when clothes that fit perfectly one moment become either too big or too small after a few months, resulting in an awkward fit. This cycle leads to discarding masses of clothes and constantly buying new ones, which is highly unsustainable. Recognizing that many others face the same issue, I aimed to create a solution.

My project focuses on wearability and sustainability. I chose soft fabrics labelled with OEKO-TEX certification and utilized the cyanotype printing technique. Cyanotype is a sustainable photo printing method that fights radiation, benefiting the planet. Additionally, I designed the clothing to fit people ranging from size XS to XXL, ensuring it looks beautiful on everyone. The clothing comprises loose modules that can be tied together using ribbons, enabling endless styling possibilities and personalized looks.