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Als Ik Niks Meer Zou Maken - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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If you make art with artificial intelligence, which side would you choose: nothing or more?

‘Als Ik Niks Meer Zou Maken’ is a double-sided book giving insight into the controversial topic of using artificial intelligence in design. After working for months with artificial intelligence, I have created a design process where artificial intelligence is my friend, not my enemy.

On the purple side, readers are introduced to artificial intelligence and it’s impacts on designers. Through clear explanations, you learn about the complexities of artificial intelligence, making it an easy starting point for creators.

Flipping the book reveals the orange side, where the focus shifts to experimenting with artificial intelligence and design. Here, readers discover how to harness artificial intelligence as a powerful tool for designers. The pages come alive with examples and practical tips, showcasing how artificial intelligence can enhance the creative process and unlock new possibilities in the world of design.

What side do you choose?