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(A)I DESIGNED A CHAIR - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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“Embodying the symbiosis of human and machine”

How can AI be used in a creative process? In an era of rapid technological evolution, my graduation project explores Generative AI. I used AI as a creative partner to create unique designs. This marks an exciting new chapter in our design process.

Guided by the principle: “human and machine,” I explored AI’s potential in my design process through an approach called AI-Augmented Design. This method accelerates design creation and inspires a new standard in design.

By integrating craftsmanship with AI’s generative capabilities, AI produced 500 chair designs, from which I brought the U-Chair to life. This process unveiled the complexity of AI’s output, resulting in a design I couldn’t have conceived myself.

This project offers more than a unique chair; it presents a fresh, pioneering perspective on AI in design. Step into the future; explore the limitless potential of AI-Augmented Design.