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Afdruiprek - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Let me take you where I have been and where I will go. Driven by the desire to experience something new, while continuing to care for what I have found.
The exploration begins when the material opens the door. I cut shapes out of a supple, soft slice of coconut bread and let them dry under a candlestick. On top of which I place a cup and five dusty poffertjes.
I collect and assemble my discoveries into a composite world where unusual combinations expose a new side of the matter. Here I dance and play mindlessly, looking for twists and turns. And later on, I switch between different media to see what that does to the content.
In this experience, it’s also the journey itself that holds meaning. It bites a path forward, follows its own logic and takes the art piece in tow.
My hands dream, casually, towards an image my mind couldn’t imagine.