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A Guide To The Maehre - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Welcome to The Maehre and all its wonders

When the world was made, a piece of ground was shrouded in a phenomenon: the True Dark.

Until one day, a small creature was born in the midst of the True Dark. It kept its eyes shut, for it knew that what it would see was nothing short of horror: absolute nothingness.

Yet it opened its eyes, and with that, a brilliant light shone over the land for the very first time. From then on life was possible and The Maehre was born.

Luci Byrne is determined to tell the story of her home: The Maehre. In a quest to document the land’s creatures, tales and illnesses she finds out The Maehre isn’t what it once was. Now more than ever, the Maehre needs help.

In this book you will discover a new world as you follow Luci’s journey through the Maehre and everything she comes across.