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(4L13NS) - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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A visualisation of an extraterrestrial's life cycle and how its life form may appear, made with colour-scheme techniques and latex.

Ever wondered what life would be with the knowledge of extraterrestrial civilisations? Is there something we can learn or adapt from them? Or do we, as humans, ignore this potential universe as we do with everyday life?

Through my research and evidenced by my work, I visualise how an extraterrestrial’s life cycle and its life form may appear. I aim to bring my vision into reality from books I have read and experiment-based practice. Through a substance I have found on an unknown planet I realise my alien civilisation.

Using colour-schemes techniques, I classify them in different characterisations. With the formation of a cocoon a story develops, showing a new life form, which starts to grow slowly. After being hatched, a fully realised body part will emerge, that fuses into other body parts. This “Frankenstein,” representation will be placed into a fully realised habitat where it will live its life as an entity, where it can flourish as a worthy civilian.