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1.The Long Hallway. 2. Pornography Taxidermy. - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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I make collages of poetry, collected objects and archived images as my diary anachronism, a narrative that is between fiction and the autobiographical.

The invitation of silence, softly humming almost a song.
turning the corner, dancing off walls, tights running.
cut to black. trying to find the door, find the light. White. nightlight ghost.
silk moth, disoriented dancer
floating in the dark,
looking into window mirrors. through the interminable hallway.
A reading of Venus in Furs. in the dark, the corner. in her cobweb, tangled hair
sitting at a table stuck with flies
You see me. revealing vulnerability, peeking through. like pencil under pen,
Deleuze dissecting Masoch, like his writing.
The theatre of cruelty and fantasy, bodies dissected in partialism, hands and faces, women as dolls and statues.
Passive photograph, rigor mortis. cold and delicate.
All my perverted sentimentality, the violence of love. folded pages and pinned wings.