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Did you miss our online programme? Or do you want to watch it again?
Below is an overview of all online streams during NowShow 2021. The files are public and remain available as an archive.

July 7th:
Kick-off + award ceremony Graduation Show 2021: we are all winners!

July 8th:
Film Première 2021: Documentary + fiction
This event is only available with a code. If you’re interested please send an email to: d.komen@avans.nl

July 8th:
Animated and Illustrated Talks: Graduation in Isolation

July 9th:
Online Event: Photography and the Digital

July 9th:
ON AIR: New design & attitudes with friends

July 10th:
Online Event: On TV 
Online Event: A Portrait of the Artists

July 11th:
Film Event: Animation